Coal Introduction con’t

Old King Coal is Down in a Hole – Is There a Future for US Coal Producers?  RBN Energy

Coal deliveries by Titan06.

Coal prices bouncing off the bottom:  EIA

“The U.S. is at risk of relying too much on natural gas as transportation, manufacturing and electric-power industries vie for the cheap fuel, top executives of three power utilities said.”  Bloomberg

Coal investors ought to know a little about Nuclear power generation:  EIA

Suncoke Energy chart:  ChessNwine

Coal Introduction:  Watch the NG Rig Count written by me, JJ Butler.

I was asked what happened to NRP the last two days.  I don’t know.  Perhaps a downgrade or a forced seller.  It could be rotation a safe name to the risky players.  If coal is not permanently dead, the big moves would be in stocks like ACI and ANR.  Strangely, once those moves are complete I would look to NRP.  The royalty business model is my favorite.