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Conference Presentation: What is Driving Today’s Investors? by Barry Ritholtz.

Commodities Prices are Falling. Really.  Barron’s  (Google the title, the piece has interesting charts).  The 15 year CRB and 20 year CRB.

“…by 2030, at which point one in every eight people on Earth will reside in a Chinese city.”  Financial Times

China Pollution Leading to End of Low Cost Manufacturing Advantage Over US:  “…the US has already entered a sweet spot for manufacturing…”  Value Plays

“China’s stocks rose, sending the benchmark index into a bull market…” (Bloomberg).  S&P 500 At New All-Time Highs* by Bespoke.

From Power Tools to Carpets, Housing Recovery Signs Mount at WSJ.  The indirect benefits of a housing recovery…

Ignoring The Obvious by Eric SprottCapitulation Everywhere by the bears says John HussmanThe world according to Doug Casey at Mining.

Gold Miner Reversal says Castle Hill Capital.

Market Strategist Jeff Saut: Best Stock Ideas For Next 3-5 Years
at Market Folly.

An excellent piece on why natural gas prices are not going anywhere meaningful anytime soon:  RBN Energy.

Did you see the refining complex rip on VLO’s blowout results?  Today should be CHK’s turn…

Is Saudi Arabia cutting output in answer to increased US production?  CME Group

China, the Saudi’s and “Some numbers in the global crude oil supply and demand balance have shifted fairly dramatically in just one month’s time, possibly putting an end to the big world inventory build.”  CME Group

CHART: China is burning coal at an insane rate at MiningChina coal imports may reach 500 million tons in three years says Phil Ren.

Peabody’s 2012 results, US and world coal outlook and a write-down.  Gregor is working on a long form ‘Coal 2.0’ piece:

Oil's Share of Global Energy Use 2001-2011

Using an old technique to store wind power:  Commodities Now.

Note this representation of insurance stocks for a week from now…

The Insurance Fund (KIE) Breaks Out to New Highs
fidelity market super cycles

So today’s post turned into a giant hodgepodge…

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  1. Holey Cow, what a chart on oil use! Hay, perhaps the Peakers could use that chart to make their case..

  2. I know that this is a little late, but the real issue is not so much peak oil, but peak oil at what cost. For example, we are long past peak oil at $20, $40, and even $60 a barrel. However, at $200 a barrel, they could probably come up with more production, but then demand would crash. So it is always a balancing “game”, but the long term price is only going to go one direction and it is not down.

    • I agree and suggest oil prices could be remarkably stable going forward for years…

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