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Gold Stock Valuations at Zeal.

Note the deflationary period in Weimar marks relating to gold:  Casey Research.

About this gold consolidation since last August:  Kimble Charting Solutions.  A forty year silver chart with its recent consolidation:  Kimble Charting Solutions.  Platinum to gold ratio:  Bespoke.

The credit bubble, of course, drives the fantastic gold fundamentals.  Prior to the financial crisis, housing was the largest driver.  I continue to observe decent low middle income housing being in shortage, mortgage rates being suppressed and McMansion pricing pressure.  The housing market is not so bad out there, let’s check in:

  • He chronicled the housing bubble, now a February explanation of the two bottoms:  Calculated Risk.
  • So Housing is Local…  at Value Plays
  • Fannie Mae expects some GDP growth from housing, finallyHousingwire
  • US housing: shadow supply meets shadow demand:  Sober Look

Since the financial crises, debt sponsored by sovereigns has been driving the credit bubble bus.  Here is a chart of the disasters in the West:  Chart of the Day.  (Note how much runway China has in front of themselves.)