Commodity Complex and Big Picture

I would like to point out the left side of this chart represents multi-generational lows in real terms:  Commodity Prices vs Long Term Average from BespokeImpact of Commodity Prices on the Consumer:  Bespoke.  I am not in the Club of Rome ‘limits to growth’ school of thought: Grantham’s Resource Limitations pieces from last year are more like it:  Guru Focus.

Meanwhile, U.S. Stocks Tumble as Commodities Enter Bear Market at BloombergCommodities Make the QE2 Round-Trip at Pragmatic Capitalism.

S&P 500 technical analysis:  All Star Charts.  Just a reminder of our secular bear market:  ChessNwine.

Off topic a bit but interesting:  The Risk Of Being A Shipping Magnate at Forbes.  Foreign direct investment chart.