Precious Metal Complex

Seems the stars are aligned for gold and silver:

New Cyclical Bull Underway in Gold Stocks at Daily Gold.

The beginning of a gold rally begin at Frank Talk.  Gold and silver off to the races? at Gold MoneyGold Stocks Get Healthy at Next Big Trade.  The Precious Metals MAJOR Breakout Part II at Gold Silver Worlds.

Even the main stream commentators are looking hard at gold:  Is it Time to Buy Gold?  Pragmatic Capitalist.  Gold is on the move again at Decision Point.

Perhaps gold consolidates having just reached resistance:  GSW.

The seasonally strong time for gold has arrived, with a chart at Gold Money News.

Dan Norcini on silver.

For more war hardened gold bugs, an interview with Doug Casey.  This 52 minute video would beat watching reality TV this evening.  The title ECB’s bond purchases should start with Portugal assumes money printing (Sober Look).