Flush Inventory & Tight Supply

Oil Rises on U.S. Supply Forecast, Venezuela Blaze at BloombergIsaac Set to Reach Hurricane Strength on Way to Louisiana (Bloomberg).

More than three-fourths of Gulf oil production shut down at Fuel Fix.  Isaac’s latest path at Business Insider.

Yesterday oil fell when chatter began on a SPR release (Business Week).  Commercial crude invetory levels are extremely flush; refined product inventory levels are light.  Thus the whole thing is a joke…

Peak cheap oil is an incontrovertible fact at The Telegraph.

“Barclays Capital expects a “monster” effect this quarter as the crude market tightens by 2.4m barrels a day (bpd), with little extra supply in sight.

Goldman Sachs said the industry is chronically incapable of meeting global needs. “It is only a matter of time before inventories and OPEC spare  capacity become effectively exhausted, requiring higher oil prices to  restrain demand,” said its oil guru David Greely.”

Projected natural gas prices depend on shale gas resource economics at EIAExperts Say US LNG Export Volumes Could be Limited at AOL Energy.

Video:  Rick Rule on oil markets and printing:  CNBC.

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    • I believe Rick Rule has been doing occational CNBC interviews all summer. As you know, I think Rule is the sharpest of commentators and he is a resource investor.

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