Gold is Money

“Money is gold, nothing else.” J.P. Morgan

The Independent Stock Analysis portfolio begins with the dawn of the new decade, 1-1-2020.

The entirety of the portfolio is be invested in gold, using the Sprott Physical Gold Trust, ticker PHYS. ISA will use the closing price of PHYS on December 31, 2019 as the beginning point of our portfolio.

With the outrageous currency debasement occurring, we lack trust in cash in the form of money market or bank deposits. J.P. Morgan: “Gold is money, everything else is credit.”

The popular SPDR Gold Shares, ticker GLD, is a fine trading instrument for now. But when push comes to shove, GLD is meant to track the price of gold rather than be a claim on actual gold. For the speculator, options are GLD are liquid as we will learn in a new column called Trader Nathan.

As time advances like an ever rolling stream, we intend to slowly peal off portions of our PHYS in exchange of shares of our favorite companies. When the price is right. Independent Stock Analysis. We enjoy analyzing stocks. Today’s monetary madness has pushed prices beyond our willingness to purchase shares. That, and we think of our selves as somewhat conservative in our vain attempt to adhere to Warren Buffett’s Rule number 1: Never loose money.