Favoring the Precious Metal Complex

The bearish Evergreen Gavegal suggests that in 2020 bonds could sell off while stimulus could boost equities in a “re-rating could be surprisingly strong.” Legendary Stanley Druckenmiller gives a pragmatic, insightful and thoughtful interview to Bloomberg in which he explains the reflation case.

Inflation – We Gonna Let ‘Er Run Hot: “Position your portfolios accordingly.” Macro Tourist

Meanwhile, David Rosenberg has many of the same concerns but is not in the reflation camp.

If the reflation trade is on, It’s time to get greedy in the energy sector says Jesse Felder.

The farce of the Trump-China agricultural deal: Chris Martenson.

The latest from Dylan Grice. Commentary on the value-growth divergence from Star Capital.

“…every policy is, on the contrary, designed to force the gold price into an ever upward spiral.” The Bear’s Lair. Gold vs the stock market at the Speculative Investor.

Independent Stock Analysis favors the precious metal complex.