Down & Dirty with Coal

Steel-making met coal has remained strong so far, a commodity I lump into the ‘industrialization of China’ investment bucket.  But most U.S. producers are electrical generation thermal coal production heavy.  Thermal coal on its own competes well in the energy marketplace.  However, thermal coal currently has two enemy’s:  The global warming/climate change crowd and excess natural gas production.

Coal: The rising star of global energy production from Globe and Mail.

Coal, Renewable Energy’s Dirty Step Child at Oil Price.

Arch Coal lays off 750 workers due to ‘unprecedented downturn’ from Mining.

Peter Epstein recent well done recent essays:

  1. Is The Powder River Basin The Next Central Appalachia? Peabody, Arch And Cloud Peak Hope Not
  2. Alliance Resource Partners
  3. Coal Stocks Killed, But Survivors Not Hard to Find

A well done piece on very distressed Patriot Coal:  Distressed Debt Investing.

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  1. But a gas to liquids program could take up enough supply to cancel the crude imports and even begin exports assuming that the pricing is right. I read that plans were in place for a plant in Louisiana. Probably at an existing refinery, since AFAICS some or all of the pipelines are in place. Shell and Exxon have the technology and Shell has several plants over the world. DYOD. Distributed generation is also a consumer of NG. Many locations have plentiful NG supplies available and CPST among others can supply electrical generation 24/7/364-5 with use of exhaust heat for heat or chiled water. See CPST. CPST can also run off of flare gas at or near the well site or pipeline.

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