Slow Income

Be sure to watch the dollar (Kimble chart) for the price direction in risk assets.  The Industrial Conclusion?  Chess

The Brics have taken an unhappy turn at FT Times (free registration required).

IMF Sees ‘Alarmingly High’ Risk of Deeper Global Slump at Bloomberg.

A little research I stumbled upon:  Canaccord Wealth Management.

Gold, oil, bond and S&P 500 charts:  Black Swan Trading.

In thinking about relatively conservative hard asset income investing, ISA stumbled upon Timber REITs Prove To Be A Very Safe Bet.  The investors page and long term chart are worthwhile too.  The valuation is not particularly enticing, but it is a hard asset in a zero interest rate world.  I thought my dad would be interested.

Interesting article of the day:  More People Over 65 Are Still Working at WSJ.