Oil Stock Resolution

Oil Declines From High as Crude Stocks Seen Rising at Bloomberg.

Continental’s five year plan announced yesterday was in conjunction with the company’s Investor Day.  A summery at Million Dollar Way.

Report: Shale gas boom could echo across economy at Fuel Fix.  The full report:  PWC.

IEA sees Iraqi oil output doubling to 6.1 mil b/d in 2020 at Platts.  Maybe.

In addition to less teen driving increased fuel efficiency, US oil demand is falling as Small car sales may capture largest U.S. share since 1993 at Auto News.

Energy stock technical analysis and “the prospect of resolution from this massive symmetrical triangle looms large.”  Chess

Market sectors five year performance at Crossing Wall Street.

EIA improves state-level monthly oil production estimates with up to 10 years of revisions from EIA.  The boom in Texas production, driven by the Eagle Ford and just getting started, was most interesting.

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