Higher Gas

Oil Trims Biggest Monthly Decline Since May After Storm at Bloomberg.

Will The Crude Production Boom Keep Running?  RBN Energy

Regarding Sandy, “Bakken fell $6.50 to a $10-a-barrel-discount against WTI at 3:12 p.m. New York time, its widest discount since July 5, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.”  Business Week

Crude oil seasonality from Crude Oil Trader:

Crude Seasonality  

Weather event disruption hurt demand:  Sandy’s Pump Price Surge Could Prove Fleeting at WSJ.

Why the U.S. is NOT the new Saudi Arabia at Resource Investor.  Hans has warned us of Kurt Cobb, yet he is correct to point of NGL’s are not the same as crude oil.

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner is 20% more fuel efficient than other airplanes in its class.  Aerospace

The essay supports the idea natural gas shale has costs are higher than reality, but still a lot of good information:  Oil Drum.

More great information:  Natural Gas Rig Count, Production and Productivity at RBN Energy.  Contrasting to the prior piece, this one maybe to bearish because it neglects the well backlog.

New July Natural Gas Data at Haynesville Play.

“Will exporting large volumes of US natural gas in the form of LNG raise the price of the commodity and potentially create a competitive disadvantage for gas-intensive industries?”  AOL Energy

The natural gas and coal sectors are very dependent on weather.  And no, we don’t know what will happen.  My bias:  Cold And Snow Will Make A Comeback This Winter by Art Horn.

1 thought on “Higher Gas

  1. The first RBN report made for excellent reading, Mr Butler. I hope Mr Likevern had a chance to read it as well.

    Hans is right about Mr Korn Cobb, nevertheless, Mr Cobb is also correct regarding the inclusion of NGPL in total crude oil production. Reminds me of much of the polling today.

    But then it is his friends in government, who decide it was appropriated to do so. NGPL, should be removed and separated figuratively and physically.

    Now, I have directed my Crude Tars to do so, immediately, before I leave office.

    And furthermore, America will become the largest goo producer in the world, much to the repenting, Mr Cobb’s, disappointment. If crude prices stay evaluated, which they will, it shall be done within a decade. Let me say again, for the first time in her life, Michele, is proud to be an American oil consumer.

    Then as the time nears, Mr Cobb and the oilbarrel will launch the new counterpoint, that we will not be an exporter (this taking point should have a shelve life of about two to three years). The errors of the past, will slowly pass, much like gas; no trace, no sign, just gone from ones mind.

    Girls and boys, there is a chance, that North America could and I say could, become the next OPEC. The production will be sold under the label of Canmerco.

    Hats off to the brilliant staff at Boeing-Boeing!
    What an achievement.! One of America’s crown jewels.

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