Goldbug Delight

Tomorrow afternoon ISA will take an extensive look at the coal and natural gas thesis, including a favorite investment possibility.  As the the precious metals complex works off an overbought condition with time, here is a deep look:

GOLD – The Simple Facts at PimcoGold as an InvestmentVisual Capitalist.

How Helicopter Ben Helps Jobs and, Inadvertently, Gold by Frank Holmes.

Yesterday’s top story: Gold is not a commodity but the strongest currency of all at Mineweb.

“It is critical to understand that hyperinflation is NOT inflation on steroids, it is a CURRENCY EVENT- a sudden and rapid complete loss of confidence in the currency. Most also fail to understand that in nearly all cases, a period of significant economic decline or depression precedes hyperinflation.”  Silver Doctors

“Let’s be honest.  What would we do with our gold if it rallied to 1800 — and then above 2,000?  Actually, I wouldn’t do anything with my physical gold, any more than I’d do something with my house if the real estate market got hot and my house was suddenly worth more.”  Richard Russell 321 Gold

Printing Money – Price of Gold – Preservation of Wealth by Egon von Greyerz.

“For long term players this is a wiggle and not worth a second look.”  Jesse

Goldbugs often annoy ISA with frequent conspiracy theory’s and collapse of the dollar talk.  Rather than think in term of dollars, consider fiat is the problem.  In large part because of the U.S. bonanza, Don’t bet on the dollar collapsing at FT Alphaville.

Gold is Breaking Out…in Oil Terms by Greg Harmon.

Silver is screaming that it has to go up: Eric Sprott at Mining.

Because King George III made judges dependent him for the amount of their salaries, America’s revolutionaries put in the Declaration of Independence the compensation of judges “shall not be diminished during their Continuance in Office.”  With Congress having suspending judges pay increases, they are suing over declining salaries.  Fiat and all.  Jefferson would be horrified.  NY Sun

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