Income Investing

Income investing in a zero rate world could be called an oxymoron.  Investors do not know how long the environment will last.  But can it end well?

This type of list seems ubiquitous:  10 Undervalued Dividend-Paying Stocks With Momentum at Equities and 10 Higher Capitalized High-Yields Near 52-Week Lows at LTI.

The Elite Dividend Stocks at Dividend Growth Investor.

“What investor wouldn’t want a 6% yield and a stake in America’s energy boom? One single investment — the master limited partnership — can provide both. But it’s not an easy corner of the market to negotiate. Our Roundtable participants show you how.”  Barron’s

“MLPs look expensive relative to historical MLP yields, but look cheap relative to yields of 10 year U.S. treasuries, corporate bonds and REITs.”  Equities

Understand too, the difference between the MLP’s and royalty trusts.  WSJ

The Danger in Dividend Stocks:  “Mania for income has boosted shares to nosebleed valuations” this weekend at Barron’s.

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