Coal and Gold Share

Coal Stocks Grinding Higher at Next Big Trade.  KOL, however, represents international coal and is a function of China. 

China’s Economy: The Coming Year at WSJ.  Iron ore continues to shine at Mining.

Coal’s share of global energy mix to continue rising, with coal closing in on oil as world’s top energy source by 2017 at the IEAChinese Market Reforms Impact Coal Markets (Coal Investing News).  US coal production down 6.9% in 2012 (Platts).

“Demand for coal is increasing in every region of the world except the U.S. Coal production may approach oil output by 2017.”  Business Week

Natural Resource Partners’ Distribution Safe, Yield 11.5%! by Peter Epstein.

An extensive 2013 Outlook & Forecast by Kiron Sarkar

GOLD – BOTTOM FISHING OR LOST WRECKAGE by Greg Schnell.  Yesterday the metals held up but the gold stocks were down.  We’ll see what today brings but in the pre-market precious metals are strong.

“This is all the more reason to doubt the Fed will ever stop buying government debt.”  Iacono Research

Silver seasonal chart.

6 thoughts on “Coal and Gold Share

  1. What do you think about NRP? The “Fool” article pointed out many good things about it, but I simply don’t know how to evaluate limited partnerships. I have always been careful about them as my father got took bigtime in a limited partnership years ago (but it was a bit of a different type as it required a fairly large investment and it was very illiquid). I like the yield of NRP and some of the numbers look good. However, Fidelity research gives it a bearish rating (3 out of 10) and lists the debt numbers as being quite high. “Fool” says that the distribution is safe, but the high debt is always a cautionary item for me.

  2. Tom – I’ve been checking out some coal names recently as well. I recently asked Butler about ACI and CLD. Pending your time frame and goals, the current attention to coal is somewhat of a China trade, so a big part of researching some of these coal names is their China exposure. I’m not sure who NRP is selling to….Bulter has stated CLD’s finacials to be quite nice as well. I’m interested to hear his comments on your question. All the best.

  3. Hi Nate, I used to have ACI. Did OK with it for quite a while but had to give it up in this last downturn and am not about to go back to it. I still have a bit of BTU and some KOL. I have looked at CLD a bit but have not done enough research to buy it. I do have some TCK, which JJ also likes. I have owned TCK on and off (mostly on) for a decade. Once we get some more clarity about the US financial situation in Feb. / March, I will feel a bit more comfortable in investing in some of these areas.

  4. Right on Tom, I am also long some TCK, but watching CLD and ACI only as a momentum/swing trade. Bulter has done considerable work on CLD, so I will leave him to reply.

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