Precious Oil

Lamphier: Direct threat to Canadian economy posed by U.S. shale oil production at the Edmonton Journal.  The Bakken profiled at National Geographic.

Chevron: The World’s Biggest Gusher at Forbes.

Oil Services And Equipment ETFs Pump Out New Highs at IBD.  Loews owns half of Diamond Offshore (DO)…

Short-Term Energy Outlook by the EIA.

Natural gas remains in trouble:  Kyle Cooper.

16th Annual Whistler Institutional Investor Conference Webcast (Easy registration required).

With the world watching, Bernanke gives a go-ahead to the currency war at Sober Look.

Jim Rickards: Currency War 3 Has Just Begun (Financial Sense).

Regardless, “the end of US dollar hegemony does not appear to be one of them right now.” (Market Anthropology)

Flirting with Precious Danger by Chess:  “The other main issue to address is whether the metals are not, in fact, close to a good low. In other words, the spring 2011 parabolic move higher in silver may very well have been the climactic  moment of the secular bull run for both precious metals. For now, that argument is still a work in progress. But a downside breach of the $148 level on GLD and the $26 level on SLV would certainly force us to consider the thesis much more seriously.”

Friday’s selloff worsen’s the chart:

Links for 02-19-2013 at Economist’s View.


1 thought on “Precious Oil

  1. I agree complete with Chesswine, regarding the PMs having reached their all time high, as time pasts…We may have witness the climax of both metals…

    On SA, I have been suggesting this narrative for the past six months and on my previous paid PMs website as well…

    In fact, the only thing that underpins gold are the bubble heads in WDC…

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