Bowland Cross

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Buffett’s Heinz deal at Aleph.

Foreclosure discounts no longer as steep (Housing Wire).  “With pent up demand diminishing after 2013 however, housing price appreciation should revert back to the growth in household incomes.  That means that going forward price increases on average should moderate.”  Sober Look

Don’t Forget About That Energy Breakout at All-Star ChartsWhat’s The Deal With Oil? by the Armo Trader.

“In the big Marcellus and Barnett shale plays in the United States the formations are generally about 300 feet thick. In places, the UK shale formation is 6,000 feet thick. Speculation in the industry generally suggests that the overall size of the Bowland Shale alone could be as high as 1,000 trillion cubic feet.”  The Commentator

Copper – Poised For Breakout While Gold And Silver Falter.  Timing Is Now. at Edge Trader.

Gold faces a death cross and the gold miners suck.  Well, seven of the top 10 gold miners saw production fall in 2012.  Could Gold fall to $1,300 per ounce? (Kimble).  Peter Schiff’s new gold blog.