Soon Enough

The precious metal complex is either broken or looking to begin a historic move.  I don’t know which, but we’ll find out soon enough.  The charts are interesting and biased at Gold Scents.

David Stockman’s piece garnered a lot of attention over the weekend.  As a stock guy it seems he is a bit early looking for a the third and final down leg of the current secular bear.  NY Times

Every week John Hussman says something similar.

A Q1 2013 commodities performance overview at the CME Group.

Warmer Temperature Outlook and Record Net Long Position Imply Sell Off Likely says Kyle Cooper.

Petroleum storage charts by BMO.

Energy Stat: What Does Increasing Crude-By-Rail Mean for U.S. Energy Investors? Raymond James

With the Railroad Boom, You’d Expect Overpriced Stocks: Think Again at Ycharts.

The assumptions made are overly generous, but the idea remains in 10 Dividend Stocks With A 10% Yield In 10 Years at Dividend Growth Stocks.

Dividends Continue to Rise at Crossing Wall Street.

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  1. The PMs miners have been in a two year period of a very bad bear market..

    For what is it worth, Stockman, also stated that America will not escape our current financial mess…

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