Secular Yearbook

Global Investment Returns Yearbook 2013 by Credit Suisse

Why is US Oil Consumption Lower? Better Gasoline Mileage? at TOD.  The unsaid answer in the excellent piece is price. 

Meanwhile, Chinese oil imports are going the opposite direction:

“The U.S. trade deficit shrank in December to its narrowest in nearly three years…A fall in petroleum imports led overall purchases from abroad to decline $4.6 billion in December. For the entire year, the country’s imports of crude oil fell to their lowest levels since 1997 in terms of volume.” (Reuters)  You know, the benefits of horizontal drilling et all.  Could any limits on the US export of LNG violate the law? at Platts.

The title misrepresents the essay:  Higher Oil Taxes Would Lift the Economy at Bloomberg.

Housing Price Update by Scott Grannis.

“B​en Bernanke’s fingerprint is clearly present in the current rally.”  Financial Iceberg

Currency Wars Return, 1930s Style: Who Will Lose Out? at CNBC.  The ECB staying out of currency wars – for now at Sober Look.

A dime is what a penny was by Alex Pollock.

Truth Seeking: Is The Gold Bull Market Ending? at GSWGold Miners vs. the S&P – Surprising Conclusions at Casey Research

India reckons 2012/13 economic slowdown worse than expected at Reuters.

Perhaps the stock market apathy required to end the secular stock market bear will coincide with a Financial Transaction Tax (NY Times).

“By far, proper risk management is the most important part for me. I know that no matter what I do, many trades I make will not work out. Not because they weren’t correct or I was stupid, but that so many things outside of my control can go very wrong. So, when a trade moves against me, I focus on losing as little as possible and then move on to the next one.”  Charles Kirk

One Bad Trade by Brian Clund.

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