Asset Allocation

The Rise and Eventual Fall of the U. S. Bond Market by Ambassador Capital.

Growth in a Low Growth World and asset allocation at Grantham’s GMO.  I suggest printing it to read it.

Correction? Watch the Cyclicals! say Mr. Hui.  Market Rhythm at Stock Traders Almanac.

Criticism of ‘quantitative easing’ intensifies ahead of G20 meeting (Mining).  Should the critical choir gain control of the music, markets would crack.  But I don’t expect it anytime soon.

For example, in All in Well!!! by vocal bear The Burning Platform provides a fantastic bear case.  Perhaps their timing is off…

China to close 5,000 coal mines this year (Mining).  Thus, China is going coal crazy: imports jump 56% (Mining).

Those who have been told that oil production is booming may be wondering why the prices of oil and gasoline are climbing again….about a quarter of the 2 mb/d supply increase reported by the EIA over the last two years came in the form of natural gas liquids.”  Econbrowser

Well, yes, from a friend:  “Between 2005 & 2011, crude oil, shale oil, oil sands and NGL’s production (ie liquids excluding biofuel) rose just 2.7% in energy terms despite annual capital spending doubling.”


The Truth on Gold Stocks vs. Gold at Daily Gold.

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