Listening Carefully

Thirty one minutes of Rick Rule, from the 12-43 minute marks on Stansberry Radio.

Speaking at the World Outlook Financial Conference was Frank Guistra.

Loews (L) reported results yesterday, as did subsidiaries CNA Financial (CNA) and Boardwalk (BWP).  Diamond Offshore (DO) reported a week ago.  Results are always lumpy.  A ceiling test write-down and Hurricane Sandy insurance costs hurt income.  Whatever, as CNA boosted its dividend.  Think deep value.  (Unfortunately as a conglomerate, a Loews conference call lacks dramatic color.)

Commodity prices and growth: A changing relationship? at Voxeu.

2013 Investment Themes by John Mauldin.

Short term warning signs for the stock market by Chess and J.C. Parets.

Hans:  Is it just me or is NOG’s update quite poor?

“We think the table is set for certain precious metal mining stocks to begin outperforming most all other instruments in 2013.”  The analysis at Ritholtz was excellent, even as gold prices hit six month lows.  Further, 5 Reasons Not to Buy Gold (Barron’s) seems poorly reasoned, yet the precious metal complex is lower again this morning…

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  1. Boss, I looked at my screen and NOG was almost down 10%, at an almost juicy $14.50 because the company did not meet great expectations…

    Yet, the daily output was up by 55% YOY…I am afraid many of the BOCs will have a bad upcoming quarter do to the Russian winter…

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