Different Markets

The stock market’s secular and cyclical position discussed in Barron’s and by Josh BrownS&P 500 Fair Value Update at Value Plays (Has the shift in income to capital from labor permanent?  Or is it a function of the credit bubble?).

2008 Again? (Azizonomics)  Not yet; I speculate a reckoning is years away…

The 2013 Barron’s Roundtable has a lot of interesting tidbits as usual.  (Google the title.)

“Global economic headwinds have turned into tailwinds”  Alliance Bernstein

China’s economic improvement is becoming visible in global markets at Sober Look.

Top commodity managers tip metals for Q1 on Chinese recovery at Mining Weekly.

Updated to include 2012, The Periodic Table of Commodity Returns at US Funds.  Remember, these are mean reverting.

Gold in the secular bear at Short Side of Long.

Energy looks set for a major move by Aaron Jackson.  A look at energy shares by Chess.

The always interesting Gregor.

Ten Reasons Why High Oil Prices Are a Problem by Gail Tverberg.  I suspect the adjustment to higher oil prices is further along, but some good info nonetheless.

Peak Oil Review from ASPO USA.

Paul:  Uranium Stocks: Cameco (CCJ) On Verge of a Breakout?  See It Market

Why the fuss over Japanese money printing (Reuters)?   The Currency Wars: Now US Automakers Are Squealing at Testosterone Pit.

A big deal for risk assets:

Silver as an Investment - The Silver Series Part 3