Chinese Flavor

A subscriber asked about TCK.  In short, TCK is my favorite vehicle for Western investors and speculators to play the industrialization of the China and emerging markets.  Rather than compete against them, sell ’em what they need!  Yet ISA doesn’t pump anything.  My view is a position in the materials space is a function of an outlook on China.  See TCK’s latest presentation.

“China’s economy is improving. It’s a little early to say there’s a new trend there, but the signs are definitely encouraging. Manufacturing, retail sales, and industrial production all indicate that China may be at or past a bullish economic inflection point.”  Ryan Puplava

China is now world’s No. 1 manufacturer by Mark Perry.

China’s drawdown of iron ore and steel inventories at Sober LookChina lifts outlook for mining sector in 2013 with accelerated infrastructure spending at Mining.

Graph: U.S. Exports of Goods to China

More on the Top Ten Market Themes for 2013 from Goldman.

I’m not Malthusian.  But the charts are good:  Gail Tverberg.

A gold chart mania at KWN.

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