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“…as the peak of heating season in mid-January approaches, each day that passes reduces the significance of the potential cold. While temperatures still continue to cool on average, the shortest day of the Northern Hemisphere will occur this week and thus each day will soon begin to lengthen. After mid-January, average temperatures will slowly start to rise with temperatures beginning to warm dramatically after mid-February.”  Kyle Cooper  Is enough winter left to help natural gas and coal?

Rig count little changed:  Haynesville Play.

I view Chinese Crude Futures Coming Soon as just another step on the path of world power shifting from the West to the East.  WSJ

Previous long-term government, industry oil forecasts badly overestimated supply; why should we listen now? by Kurt Cobb.  Hans is right to be wary of Cobb’s agenda, but he does note some interesting recent history.

“A total of 800,000 b/d of growth is expected during the year and that has never happened in the history of the United States!”  Mineral Web

Ford’s new Transit will “have more cargo space and will get at least 25 percent better fuel efficiency than the E-Series vans it will eventually replace.”  Detroit News

While not sustainable for the marginal barrel, “domestic oil could drop to $50 a barrel in the next two years, the lowest level since 2009” says Merrill Lynch.

Local problem:  FIRE SALE: Oil sands players now get $45 a barrel vs global price of $109 at Mining.

However, How Unconventional Oil And Gas Is Supercharging The U.S. Economy at Forbes.

Call for “energy independence” is extreme nationalism imo.  “Energy security”, however, seems a prudent policy goal.  Fuel Fix

Peabody Energy warns of challenging Q1’13, sees US coal sales slumping at SNL.

For Paul:  Uranium set to receive boost from Japanese election outcome at Mining.


North Dakota Oil Production in kbpd 2005-2012 vs. Price