Specific Securities

Shell’s 5% Dividend Yield (Part 3): Total Return Story is Compelling at Ycharts.

J&J’s Dividend, Yielding 3.5%: What You Need to Know About Cash and Growth at Ycharts.

A Lump of Coal for Christmas May Not Be So Bad by J.C. ParetsGetting Coal in Your Stocking May Be Exactly What You Want by Chris Vermeulen.  Chinese coal inventory is elevated (China Times).  A look at the coal and steel ETF’s by Chess.

Cold air up north:

I still avoid junior gold stocks.  However:

Paul:  Uranium spot prices set for an increase – RCR at Mining Weekly.

Seventy five charts:  Stock Tiger.

While I operate this boutique website, I am not a tech guy.  But it seems AAPL and GOOG would be top company’s and stocks in the sector.  Morgan Stanley Says iPhone Demand Is Off The Charts at AMP 20125 Massively Important Observations on Apple by Todd Harrison.

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