Constructive Oil & Labor

The amazing shift in US fuel consumption trajectory since 2004 is a function of the oil price and has effected both supply and demand:


  • Fuel economy is large piece of the story (Wards Auto)
  • A whole lotta information in the Energy Outlook from the EIA.
  • OPEC: U.S. Shale Oil to Cut Into Demand at the WSJ.  Use google…
  • Exxon vs. Chevron in Charts including dividend growth at Ycharts.
  • FedEx CEO: Truck Fleets to Shift to Natural Gas From Diesel at WSJ.
  • In U.S., nuclear energy loses momentum amid economic head winds, safety issues at Washington Post.
  • “Here are five key themes from company presentations, discussions with
    buy-siders, and comments at the energy dinner.”  Raymond James

Being boorish and seeing the glass as half empty is easy in 4 simple charts showing how little the US job market has recovered (Jimmy Pethokoukis) and The Chart That Proves That The Mainstream Media Is Lying To You About Unemployment (Economic Collapse Blog).

ISA is more constructive.  Job Openings Increase as U.S. Labor Market Improves (Bloomberg) and Employers Report Positive Hiring Plans (WSJ).  Factory hours worked and hiring are especially strong (Bloomberg).

Pent up housing demand at Value Plays.

A “Rush” back to the Gold Miners about to take place? at Kimble.  Louise Yamada’s thoughts at KWN.