Bullish Bubble

“With that bullish view toward equities, here are our “13 for ’13″”:  Richard Bernstein.

Merrill ‘unapologetically bullish’ for 2013Globe and Mail.

“The housing market is turning into an engine of growth once again.”  Calculated Risk

Conversely, the Swiss-based BIS warns of another 2008-style credit bubble about to burst at Arabian Money.

ISA is squarely in the goldbug camp, however, I take issue with the Peter Schiff’s of the world talking about dollar destruction.  I don’t view the problem being the dollar itself; the problem is fiat.  Prior to the financial crisis the fundamental case could be made for the dollar index to drop by half.  The new energy paradigm and Europe’s problems have changed that imo.  A Long Term View On …. The US Dollar Index by Greg Harmon.

Is this the Chart of the Decade?  JC Parets  Fascinating…

Uranium via Jeb Handwerger:

“Uranium may represent a bottoming situation. Look for a reversal in the near term and break above the recent downtrend due to the following reasons.

1) 64 nuclear reactors are being built all over the world. A new reactor needs three times the amount of uranium than an operating reactor.

2) The world is already in a supply shortfall. Mine supply only provides 144 million lbs to a sector which needs 180 million lbs. This deficit is being filled by secondary supplies coming from Russia set to end in December 2013.

3) When the Russian HEU Deal ends, 24 million lbs will need to be made up for: 14% of world’s supply.

4) Japan and Germany may start coming back online as electricity costs soar. Japan is updating 23 reactors. New elections are coming up on December 16th in Japan with the Pro-Nuclear party in a wide lead. Part of the party’s platform is further monetary easing and promoting the restart of nuclear reactors.”

Tightest Corn Crop Since ‘74 as Goldman Sees Rally: Commodities at Bloomberg.

Natural gas and coal need help.  A lot of it.  And the cavalry isn’t coming with the temperature outlook.