Constructive Metals

The Dow:Gold ratio resumes its downtrend:  All Star Charts.

A detailed precious metals review.

CRAMER: Sell Coal Stocks Before Tonight’s Debate (Business Insider).  Coal to Rise on Seasonal Buying (Coal Investing News).  ACI chart.  ANR chart.

In the middle of last decade I was a part of the loud and annoying chorus singing ‘housing bubble.’  Today, housing sentiment remains negative.  ISA would be the first to note mortgage rates are artificially suppressed.  Otherwise however, the fundamentals are strong and A housing boom will lift the US economy at the FT.

Bill McBride continues to chronicle housing better than anyone:  “Going forward I expect housing activity to increase and help push down the unemployment rate.”  Calculated Risk

“The inventories of unsold homes as measured in months (time to clear the inventory) are at the lowest level since 2006.”  Sober Look

DB turns bullish on US growth with the multiplier effect:  Sober Look.

The Steady Decline of the Inflation Rate in China gives policy makers room stimulate:  Iacono Research.  More constructive on material stocks:  Chess.


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    “Copper has sprung a big bear trap. Look out above”

    “Chief executive Marius Kloppers said that while China’s steel consumption had now peaked, demand for commodities, such as copper, will still grow as the Asian superpower moves from an investment-led to a consumption-led economy.”

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