Energy Toolbelt

Oil and gas are major subjects at ISA.  Energy is the world’s largest industry and perhaps many members are interested in more color.  Here are some resources:



The U.S. Energy Information Administration

Shale blogs

Resources of less interest to me (though maybe more to you)

Bakken and Eagle Ford sites

Peaker commentary

Whew!  And yet there is a whole lot more out there…

4 thoughts on “Energy Toolbelt

  1. J,

    Thank you! However, may I make a suggestion? Since, this is reference “stuff”, it would be most unfortunate for investors’ like me to lose these. Hence, for your consideration, it is possible to create a new tab – say besides the”Essay” one – , “References” (accessible to those who paid..). Just a suggestion.

    Very Best,


    • Paul,
      That’s a great idea. I have a couple more of these planned for over the next week. One will be China and materials centric, and the other for goldbugs. I’m already finding I want to make some changes/improvements to these reference posts, so give me a little time on the tab.

      Further, investors are encouraged to ‘bookmark’ links which suit their interests. For example, an investor focused on US E&P’s ought to visit daily.


  2. Several good links, Mr Butler..I would like to follow Eagle-Ford more closely, as I believe it will be a bigger story than the Bankken.

    The Petro News is an excellent publication; likewise for the Million Dollar Way. However, the problem with the latter is he does not always publish peoples posts and as a result does not have much participation…

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