Precious Friday

Did you notice that while the stock market was down yesterday the precious metals stocks were higher…for the second time this week.  Thoughts by Chess and Louise Yamada.

Fred Hickey on gold at the WSJ.

The Big Picture For Gold & The World Going Forward at KWN.

“After a period of cooling off the market is likely to hit new highs as the intermediate and long term outlook for the markets continue to strengthen.”  Chris Puplava

A full 100 economic facts to shape one’s worldview:  Fool.

The idea No, there probably isn’t a bond bubble (Washington Post) is taken apart by Two Things about High-Yield Bonds Investors Must Understand Today at the CFA Institute.

Natural gas prices could be in trouble again (HAI).  If so, we’ll look for bargains later this year

U.S. Coal Finds Warm Embrace Overseas at the WSJ.  Google the title.

TCK took a hit on yesterday earnings release, the concern being the met coal outlook (Mining).

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