Energy Extravaganza

“There is a danger if OPEC doesn’t do anything that prices may collapse” at the Financial Post.

“…the report predicts about a 1 mb/d drop in U.S. oil consumption by 2020 and a 5 mb/d drop by 2035 relative to current levels.”  Econbrowser 

EIA forecast for energy production/consumption in the US; massive spike in tight oil output at Sober Look.

U.S. oil output has increased by one million barrels per day in just 14 months; September output is highest in nearly 15 years by Mark Perry.

Oil Watch – OECD Oil Production (IEA) at the Oil Drum.

“Sasol said Monday it may proceed with investments of up to $21 billion to build a gas-to-liquids facility and ethane cracker in Westlake, Louisiana.”  This only makes sense in a $4 NG and $4 diesel world.  Upstream Online

“While budgets will grow 9 percent in international markets to $460 billion, North America spending will “take a breather” after years of growth and be roughly flat in 2013, Barclays found in a survey of more than 300 oil and gas companies.”  NBR  Budgets will have to be cut if Natural gas will remain below $4 in 2013 at Fuel Fix.

This is What a Recovery Looks Like at CEN.

Global Gas Push Stalls at the WSJChevron Not Expecting Fast Shale-Gas Growth in China at WSJ.  (Google the titles to read)

The results were long awaited:  US study says the more LNG exported the better at Reuters.

Evaluating the Prospects for Increased Exports of Liquefied Natural Gas from the United States by the Brookings Institute.

A Long Term View On…. Natural Gas by Greg Harmon.

EIA projects little change in U.S. coal production in 2013 (EIA).  A coal bull gives up:  Upsidetrader.  BHP worries about climate change (Bloomberg).  Seventy six coal pages at WRI.  NRP’s latest presentation.  Not that we like ACI (we don’t), but the industry commentary in the presentation was interesting.

morgan stanley natural gas

Contribution of USA to Non-OPEC Production in mbpd 2001-12

Non-OPEC Crude Oil Production - Non-OPEC ex-Russia and Russia mbpd 2001-2012