Oil and Gas Supply

Yesterday saw a large swath of the oilers gain strength as the day progressed.  The larger the trading volume in the name, the stronger the stock.

Oil Drops From Seven-Week High on Outlook for Economy at Bloomberg.  As China imports have ebbed, what happens to price if and when their imports become robust again?  Bloomberg.

Oil and gas prices need to be higher for enough economic investment to occur.  “Capital spending cuts may be in the cards when oilpatch earnings season kicks off this week…”  Financial Post

“The IEA also said that demand from emerging economies will for the first time next year overtake demand in the world’s most industrialized nations, or the OECD.”  Marketwatch

Iran’s Crude Oil Production:  Ritholtz.

A “Shocking” Shut-in Scenario for Canadian Natural Gas at Oil Price.

Continental Resources  Bakken BUY Target $89 at AMP 2012.  The Bakken infrastructure comments were worthwhile.  “Active rigs in North Dakota are din to 209 from an all-time high of 218.” at Million Dollar Way.  The Bakken players need more pipe up there:  EE News.

Domestic energy supplies boost U.S. economy at USA Today.