China and Coal

China Leads World in Global Light Vehicle Assembly Growth at Polk.  After all, The world’s shifting centre of gravity is astounding from the Economist.  Thus Jeremy Grantham said in Fortune:

“We used to live in a world where the price of resources came down steadily, and now the world has changed. You have a great mismatch between finite resources and exponential population growth.  China uses 46% of all the world’s coal, for heaven’s sake! The global population has surged from 6 billion to 7 billion in 12 years, and is now on its way to 9 billion. You’d better expect prices to rise…Buy the guys who own stuff in the ground. Metal, oil, even natural gas, which is cheap now but will eventually pick up.”

Chinese demand for Chile’s copper holds strong at the Globe and Mail.

No doubt about it, the coal names are in the dumps for good reason:  Economic Times.  A look at what U.S. natty oversupply has exacerbated with coal:  Carpe Diem.

The best thing you will read this weekend:  Coal: The Ignored Juggernaut by Gregor at Peak Prosperity.

Last week’s look at coal here at Independent Stock Analysis.  Meanwhile, Austrailia’s ‘minerals rent resource tax’ takes effect Sunday.  Platts

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