More Gas than Oil

Oil Rebounds in New York on Global Stimulus Speculation, Iran at Bloomberg.  The especially weak ISM manufacturing data yesterday was bullish, in a perverse way, because of a pavlovian market participant response to central bank easiness expectations.  It starts Thursday with the ECB at Business Insider.  Depressed commodity prices clear the path (Bespoke).  Stock futures are flat this morning, but commodities are higher, perhaps as currency substitutes and not on their fundy’s alone (Globe and Mail).

The Canadian rig count collapses into fall and spring and rebounds into summer and winter based on the ability to travel and drill in remote areas.  This summer isn’t not seeing much of a return to drilling, based on priceEnergy Digger.

It’s not a btu short world.  However, worldwide crude production will not meaningfully go higher:  Russ Koesterich.  A bear case for oil:  Econmatters.

Scroll down for the huge natural gas supply and demand slide show:  Zman’s Energy Brain

Natural gas liquids at Econbrowser.  NGL’s and propane:  RBN Energy.

Worthwhile Marcellus information is in this article, once the reader gets past some political ideologies:  Examiner.

XLE chart by ChessNwine.