Comodity Complex Smells Debasement

Richard Russell at King World News.  The world has seen $18 trillion in monetary stimulus and certainly more than that in fiscal stimulus since the financial crisis at Testosterone Pit.

And it’s never enough, as the economy rolls over via Yardeni and Yardeni.  Why Deflation is the Biggest Catalyst for Precious Metals at Daily Gold.

We at ISA speculate a DJIA:Gold ratio of one as a reasonable approximate area for the gold bull to end.  Maybe, and dependent upon policy maker reactions.  One path to $10,000 gold:  Dan Amoss.

BRICs Priced for Economic Meltdown  Bloomberg

Re-post: “Today will be the first day in a commodity rally that should last roughly 2 years topping in mid-to-late 2014 when the dollar puts in its next three year cycle low.  The next two or three weeks should produce an exceptionally violent rally from extreme oversold conditions followed by a consolidation period as the dollar bounces weakly out of its intermediate bottom and rolls over quickly signaling that the three year cycle has topped.”  Gold Scents

Americans, enjoy your 4th of July holiday.  I do plan to have a post up for the Canadian and Europeans.  Fun in the sun aside, Thursday and Friday promise to be big market days stateside.