Independent Stock Analysis

Here at Independent Stock Analysis I am are all over our stateside freedoms and the pursuit of happiness.  The fourth of July!  We enjoy the beach and our daughter.  I love my house of worship and my girls’ basketball team.  The journey of chasing a buck is good too.

Independent means eliminating bias.  Stock, well, I have been a stock junkie for a really long time.  And Analysis is the intellectual work.

Independence means the freedom to avoid group think and career risk.  My personality is the opposite of a lemming.  Learning to admit mistakes and change direction is vital.  Incidentally, anonymity facilitates independence just a tad.

As for stocks, well, follow the action.  Index or pick stocks.  But professional active management will underperform and that is our chance to steal alpha and make our fortune.  Just know picking your own individual stocks is risky, but the rewards of compounding can be fabulous.  Enjoying an experience increases the chance of success.

Our current position is fairly deep into a secular bear market.  Perhaps the March 6, 2009 will mark the price low.  But we are looking forward to a stock market valuation low later this decade.

Market opportunities still abound.  ISA is busy chasing around the commodity bull market.  You know:  Energy, the industrialization of China and precious metal memes.  All underpinned by currency debasement.  If other opportunities present themselves, I will chase those too.  It’s a tad early but a small tel-com outfit has my eye and if events warrant me taking a position, I will share the story here.  One times cash flow with big growth.  Stay tuned.

ISA pursues intellectual honesty.  Consider this statement from AOL Energy:  “The US peak for imports was 2005-06, when Americans imported 60% of oil consumed…the EIA’s…median forecast, foresees petroleum imports down to 36% by 2035.”  We expect, for example, the 36% number to arrive before 2015, let alone 2035!

I sort through the vast internet wasteland for some good tidbits and share them with you.  Nobody cares what others think politically, though you can probably guess for whom I cast a ballot in these just past Presidential primary elections.

Be forewarned:  Sometime in the future I hope to make a buck from this curious little site.  I hope you enjoy sharing the ride.  If there is one thing I crave, it’s a little feedback.  Send me an email or leave a comment.  What do you like?  What don’t you like?  What would you like?  Thanks!