Easy Energy

Bank of England tacks on $78 billion to their printing program (Marketwatch).  ECB cuts more rates than expected (Marketwatch).  But China steals the show with a cuts (Marketwatch).  One more take:  FT Alphaville.  Looks like the commodity equity face ripper may continue into day four…

Oil Rises to One-Month High as Strike Halts Norway Output at BloombergNorway oil talks fail, strike could last weeks: union at the Financial Post.

More on the monster Marcellus:  RBN Energy.

NGL’s, as in ‘wet gas’, are in trouble:  “Lowest U.S. ethane prices in years are leading to unprecedented volumes of ethane rejection in the U.S. Rockies and Midcontinent” from Benteck.  It’s occurring in Pennsylvania too.  State Impact

Exxon reject Polish shale, so their governments has a copper company “provide mining engineering expertise”.  Yea, that’ll end well.  WSJ

Fracking funny:  Lawmaker pushes wrong button on a veto override vote.  NY Daily

Another funny:  Monbiot flips from the we’re doomed peak oil crowd to enviro humanity is screwed crowd with the flip of a switch:  Guardian.