More Coal

Continue to watch natural gas.  “US Lower 48 production at 72.39 Bcf/d essentially unchanged in May from 72.38 Bcf/d output in April”  (EIA).  The worm will turn, but have much patience.

In the hot 2010 summer about 12% of total U.S. electricity consumption was used for cooling.  EIA

Projected retirements of coal-fired power plants at the EIAFuel used in electricity generation is projected to shift over the next 25 years also at the EIA.

U.S. coal exports put in context:  Investor Village.

European coal gets a lift on the Colombian rail strike:  Platts.  Meanwhile, China Thermal Coal at Lowest Price Since 2009; Demand Drops at Bloomberg.

NYMEX Coal Futures Near-Month Contract Final Settlement Price 2012 at the EIA.

Peabody Energy (BTU) is not the way to play a resurgent U.S. coal market.  I wrote Peabody Energy’s Australian Headwinds at SA.

Arch Coal chart at Trading View.  I believe the spark to Arch’s huge two day rally was the vague “company may sell off some assets” suggestion.  Trib Town