Markets and Commodities

Another sign of an unhealthy market:  Dow Transports Lagging IndustrialsECB Said to Await German ESM Ruling Before Settling Plan (Business Week), which could create uncertainy.  Conversely, a rally anyway would be quite bullish.  Weal C.

Looks like the copper market is signaling a top in the SP 500 at Crude Oil Trader.

It was not my intent turn ISA into a subscription site and then get all negative.  Be assured I was a housing bear last decade.  But no more.  “This is what a housing recovery looks like.”  Brian Westbury.

Commodity snapshot at Bespoke.

In Bad news for miners, good news for investors, the beat up mining complex is examined (Globe and Mail).  With iron ore having been the weakest, note this Vale chart.

Jim Rogers loves agriculture:  AMP 2012.  Beans in the teens!  Soybeans at Record, Trade Above $17 at Commodity Blog.  The drought and the Mississippi river:  Bruce Krasting.