Commodity Complex & ISA

Independent Stock Analysis member sent me the following email:

Thank you, the website works and is fantastic!

Question- I like so much this Aggregating site, I was wondering if others exist on say Oil, Natural Gas, even Commodities? Though, I clearly understand that Nat Gas is showcased here as Coal are closely linked.

Thank you in advance,


The ideas put forth on Independent Stock Analysis are what I find interesting and worthwhile.  See that Nextel stock certificate in the upper right corner?  Ticker NXTL promoted me from piker.  As it happens, the commodity complex has been my chief interest for many years.

With the valuation compressing secular bear market ongoing, the commodity complex continues to command my attention.  Structural emerging market demand meeting a finite world has provided many opportunities.  Add in money printing gone mad and hard assets increase in appeal.

Prior to this June, I have never had any interest in coal.  The valuations were high while governments and greens hate coal.  As an oil & gas investor, however, I began to pay attention as the natural gas glut crushed the coal sector.  Thus the continuing coal posts to educate us to the opportunity.

Paul noted the large portion of what is found here is aggregated from other sites.  The internet is fantastic resource for finding information.  But there is so much misinformation, worthless opinion and general sludge.  I have been wading through it myself for years.  One principle value ISA provides to readers is being a simple productivity tool.  Perhaps we will make some money along the way.

An Independent Stock Analysis membership costs $100 a year or $10 a month.  I work hard and I think value provided investors is substantially more.  Join here!

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