Gigantic pennant:  JSmineset.  An inverse head and shoulders breakout from Porter Stansberry.  Official breakout via Jeff Clark.

European weakness (Sober Look) will begat money printing.  Easing options from Zerohedge.  But will policy makers put water in the sink faster than it is draining?

The relationship between gold lease rates and gold price from Sober Look.

Don Coxe from a King World News audio interview.  Listening to a great big picture thinker like Coxe on a weekly basis can become stale, however, this interview has some great stuff.  Remember Coxe is not a classic goldbug.

It’s been five hours since pulling up to my desk, and I still am miffed by the idea Greece leaving the Euro became acceptable by both investment banks and the financial press today.  Not gradually.  Today.  Bloomberg

Is now the time to rent gold miners?