Cyclical Bull, Secular Bear presentation by Barry Ritholtz

The strength of the housing market:  Calculated Risk

Crude Oil and Refined Product Storage Charts from BMO  Hat tip Land_Lubber via Pedriven at Investor Village

More on crude and product inventories:  Hard Assets Investor

What ever happened to $200 Oil?  The end of growth is given the blame with no mention of horizontal drilling or the credit bubble by someone who should know better.  Jeff Rubin at the Globe and Mail

Perhaps the Greek drama is played out as futures are positive this morning with this headline:  Greece to Exit Euro, New Currency to Fall 60%: Citi at CNBC.

With the market direction largely dependent upon the velocity with which money is printed, here is cover for more easing:  Mark J Perry

Easing coming in the East too:  China’s flash PMIs point to contraction at  FT Alphaville