Few Good Ones to Begin February

Wednesday’s GDP report was described at the most positive negative number ever seen.  We already knew Q4 and Q1 were going to be light, perhaps followed by acceleration later in the year.  Comments on Q4 GDP and Investment at Calculated Risk.  Today sports the monthly jobs report…

My Energy Overweight by Josh Brown.

The ‘miles driven’ charts are fascinating.

ATLAS THUGGED – WHO IS “BIG OIL”? at Drilling Info.

Canada Hits A Speed Bump by Bonddad Blog.

A brief look at the rails as income growth plays at Ycharts.  Fundamentally I prefer UNP as the best positioned business, which also has a bit of premium valuation (higher PE and lower dividend yield).

Resource Investors: Why You Can Expect Sunnier Days Ahead! by Frank Holmes.

Sounds like commodities over stocks at All-Star Charts as well as Are Corn Prices Ready to Soar?

Credit Supernova! by Bill Gross.

Soaring Debt Precedes Financial Crises… at Azizonomics.

Gold Stocks (GDX) Vs. Gold on the Three-Year Chart