Weekend Smorgasbord

Jeff Saut gave a great interview:  King World News.

A Letter To A Friend at Short Side of Long.

The U.S. Federal government budget deficit problem clearly explained on YouTube.  If only the author took the analysis one step further to precious metals.  Think papered over.

“To be sure, many miners have more to prove technically, as does this GDX chart in terms of carving out a major higher low…though I would be remiss if I did not point out that an imminent breakout higher here from the high, tight bull flag would be wildly bullish.”  Chess

Bubbles everywhere, including central bank puts:  Financial Times.

At present ISA has little interest in tech stocks.  After all, even long time High Tech Strategist editor Fred Hickey has been neck deep in precious metals for over a decade.  At least tech stocks are invest-able again.  If I had to own tech stocks, Google (GOOG) would be one pick.  The world’s most talked about stock would be the other:  Apple (AAPL).  That’s it.  For her birthday my wife received an iPad (she love it).  The product is superior with Apple controlling the entire supply chain.  The real possibility exists Apple just takes over the tech sector.  Otherwise, Apple’s fat margins are not sustainable and Peter Brandt’s bearishness is correct.  I don’t know is all I know.

Income investors in telecom land have one choice:  Verizon.

The 20 Biggest Basic Material Dividend Stocks To Consider at Dividend Plays.

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