Weekend Religion

Getting religion:  “Drastic shifts in corporate strategies are helping gold companies and their shares, repairing a disconnect between their valuations and the price of the metal.”  Globe and Mail

“…the Fed’s published economic forecasts suggest QE3 would run through mid-2014 and total $1.2trn. Our own less upbeat economic forecasts suggest that QE3 should run through mid-2015 and total just under $2trn.”  Goldman Sachs

A history of American paper money:  Infograph.  Two SLW charts from Thursday’s breakout:  here and here.

Kyle Bass always gives a fantastic interview:  Economic Policy Journal.

Sober Look chart: Tight residential housing inventory in the US this year.

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Enjoy the Weekend!

1 thought on “Weekend Religion

  1. On a positive note, the G&M is finally addressing the issue of shareholders deep disappointment with miners management…The sell off is close to 18 months old, as investors like myself have had enough of extremely poor earning performance…

    GDX index, reached nadirs in both May and July so to compare three miners is rather misleading…Today, the index is still ten points below its 52 week highs…

    What many a mining investors have learned over the 2 years is, that the industry has been too dedicated to mergers, acquisitions and reserves; rather than the bottom line…

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