Columbus Energy

Oil Declines a Second Day as Europe Ministers Meet Amid Slowdown at Bloomberg.  Short of gasoline, California moves to winter blend several weeks early.  Bloomberg

U.S. shale oil plays are booming to the point of still being underestimated yet “Oil producers will have trouble if prices drop below $85 a barrel” at Fuel Fix.

Enbridge is skeptical of Bakken growth and thinks the barrels need to move east, not south.  Petroleum News

“Oil rigs were down 12 to 1,398, gas rigs were up two to 437” at Haynesville Play.

Pemex finds more oil, but lacks the capital and expertise for development.  Reuters and Business Week

Electric vehicles have a long road to charge:  Raymond James.

Obama admin to withdraw millions of Alaska acres from development at Human Events.

The crony capitalists at the banks have the bond market closed today, but no need to fear.  U.S. stock markets are open for business today.  Equity and commodity futures are trading down.

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