Friday’s Goods

More evidence the economic recovery is real by Tim Duy.  Temp Staffing and Employment and Housing at Value Plays.  Tax receipts are strong (Dr. Ed).

The $85 billion a month in printing looks to continue indefinitely at Marketwatch.  S&P 500, QE, & FSMI by Dr. Ed.  The S&P 500 touched a new high, but not in gold at Business Insider.

Less natural gas:

  • Natural Gas: In What Should Be the Start Of Injection Season, Market Instead Pulls 95Bcf From Storage (Climateer Investing).
  • U.S. natgas rigs fall to new 14-year low -Baker Hughes (Reuters).
  • U.S. Natural Gas Production outlook by Bentek.
  • ISA’s favorite plays remain UPL for gas and CLD for thermal coal.

Lot of oil:

  • Year in review: America’s amazing energy revolution by Mark Perry.
  • More U.S. Petroleum detail by Dr. Ed.
  • Identifying Demand and Supply Shocks in the Oil Market at Ritholtz.
  • ‘The end is nigh’ for global oil demand growth: Citi at the Financial Post.
  • Also, The End of Oil, For Real This Time at the WSJ.
  • “So one hypothesis would be that Saudi Arabia may have seen that, and then sharply cut their own production in November and December to prevent the sudden surge in US supply from causing a drop in world oil prices.”  Early Warning.
  • Iraq could, but won’t, provide massive supply.

Unless he works this weekend, Aubrey should be clearing out his desk today.  Reuters

“Silver has reached a technical “do or die” point”” says Peter Brandt.

Weekend reads:

No Saturday post this weekend.  Easter, in-laws and such.  Consider looking at some long form material you may have passed over.  See you Monday!

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