Monitoring Signals

ISA has been noting the real possibility the U.S. economy might see an increase to a still modest growth rate.  Perhaps low consumer confidence is a good thing for the stock market (Ryan Detrick), by no means do the economy and stock market mirror each other.  Some signals for risk assets we will continue to monitor:

Staples Relative Are Coiling Big Time by J.C. Parets.

Cash levels nearing lowest in history and margin debt is high…why “its different this time!!!” at Kimble.

Copper on a precipice as stocks reach decade high at Mining.

“The extremely bearish Copper chart is verified by the fundamentals” says Peter Brandt in an update.

John:  Ferrellgas: A Balloon Ready To Pop by Keubiko.

5 Engineering Companies that Keep Boosting Dividends at Dividend Monk.

Boom Times on the Tracks: Rail Capacity, Spending Soar in a well done piece at the WSJ.

Spotlight on Economics: Global food security in 2050 at AG Professional.

The disparity between the gains in incomes of the average taxpayers and those in the top 10 percent by David Cay.  He attributes the tax code as the cause.  I’ll suggest the Fed as the chief reason.

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2 thoughts on “Monitoring Signals

  1. JJ – Great stuff this morning, but a little off topic, is coal coming back? An anaylyst has put coal stocks on watch and I was curious to know what you thought. Would this be related to iron ore supply/cheap US steal, etc.

    • Steel: Cliff’s problems seem to be specific to them, in the weakish iron ore industry. Met coal has yet to rebound itself.
      Electricy generation: Thermal coal, however, is a function of US natural gas…which is above $4 as noted in yesterday’s detailed natty commentary.

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