Sequester Saturday

The best commentary on the sequester is at Ritholtz.

All investor salivate over the power of compounding.  However, The Nine Financiers, a Parable About Power at Forbes.

Perspective on Gold and the Stock Market at inoSpecial Gold Chart Mania at KWN.

15 Shocking U.S. National Debt Facts Infographic



“The benefits of the shale gas type oil revolution are still being underestimated by most observers and I think there’s a lot more upside to come in the United States than most people anticipate.”  Niall Ferguson

The Future of Energy by Milton Friedman.

2 thoughts on “Sequester Saturday

  1. Mr Ritholtz, is a leftwing hack…Notice his first and main salvo was war spending, as if it constituted the largest budget item in Federal spending…

    I know what he is about and do not bother reading his slanted verge of life…

    Mr Ferguson, is one step ahead of most thinkers, regarding shale and the effects of fracking. It is truly a game changing event, as it will shift the oil power away from OPEC to other nations, especially Omerica…

    Until further notice, King Coal is dead…

    • Hans,
      I must offer a different view on Mr. Ritholtz. He is chiefly a pragmatist. He recognized the housing/credit bubble with an Austrian economic background. He offends both R’s and D’s. I’ll suggest war spending is the easiest thing in the Federal budget to cut.
      And I often do not agree with Ritholtz!

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