Long Monday

This morning’s Wall Street Journal headline on the sequester included this quote:

“If they could get this fixed, the economy is poised to take off,” Bank of America Corp. Chief Executive Brian Moynihan said in an interview.

I believe this is largely correct, albeit “take off” is perhaps a bit strong.  The US economy looks to have shaken off some of last year’s doldrums, particularly in manufacturing and the housing recovery is set to accelerate further this year.

Much more at Economists View

Or Did Obama Tax the US Into Recession?  (Mish).  My recession watch tentacles are quite sensitive and I don’t see it…

Fifty Trades of Grey by John Mauldin.  Mauldin a fantastic analyst and after being stuck on all things Europe for too long I am happy he has moved forward.

Highights From Warren Buffett’s 2012 Letter To Shareholders by Kid Dynamite.  The entire annual letter by Buffett.

“High-yield investing often carries a greater degree of risk than I am willing to accept. For me, I will continue to focus on high-quality dividend stocks at lower, but growing, yields.”  Dividend Growth Stocks

Gregor’s latest.

A die hard peaker throws in the towel for now:  Peak Oil: Gone for Now but Celebrations will be Short Lived by Tom Whipple.

3 thoughts on “Long Monday

  1. JJ – Saw an interesting piece on 60 minutes regarding China. There are “miles and miles” of newly constructed high rise appartments, shopping malls, and infrastructure, but zero people in them and zero people who can afford them. The deal was to boost the economy by building and hoping they would come by getting people to invest in property/apartments. The pictures are astounding.

  2. I am sorry, but I can no longer recommend OilPrice.com and some of the quacks whom write for them, to anyone.

    In particular is, Mr Whipple, who has published some of the most outrages stories on energy…This man, like of many of the Peak Oil/Peak Brain crowd, simply refuse to admit that they have on wrong on the issue…

    Every generation brings forth a new crops of failed thinkers whom gladly ignore past historical events, to purse their own agenda…

    Mr Butler, thank you for posting that most excellent chart. Dshort.com, is a fine website for economic news, which most of us should incorporate…

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